Zac Efron shares his Papua New Guinea experience with Kimmel

“I lived with this local tribe,” Efron, 34, said. 

“They were from the Sepik River, and they’re kind of well known as the crocodile people … because they live in the Sepik River, and they worship crocodiles. It’s their deity, their god.”

After he described going crocodile catching with the tribe, Kimmel asked Efron, “Did they know your work there at all there? Any of those guys seen ‘High School Musical’ over there?'”

As Kimmel’s audience applauded in response, Efron smiled and nodded in reply, before sharing how he came to learn that the tribe knew who he was.

“I was out there camping, I didn’t have a cellphone. Like, we were off the grid,” he recalled. 

“In Papua New Guinea, there’s no technology (in the village). 

We were sleeping in one of the just little huts that they sort of had for us — and that was me and, like, a lot of buddies. We were roughing it, for sure.”

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