Who is the youngest millionaire in PNG?

There are many people in PNG who have a lot of money. Most of them are politicians as they amassed lots of money during their time in parliament. Some of them are long time politicians come businessmen, or businessmen come politicians.

Also, there are other hardworking businessmen and businesswomen in PNG. They are local heroes who go about their business every day. 

But, who is the youngest millionaire in PNG today?

Youngest millionaires in PNG

You can guess when it comes to the youngest millionaire in PNG, it must be a young politician. Now, politicians get about K170,000 to K350,000 per year gross pay. They also get K10,000,000 DSIP  funds directly under their control.

So, if you are asking who is the youngest millionaire in PNG, the young politicians who are government ministers would, merely, handle millions of kina in their five-year term.

But, are they the youngest millionaires in PNG? No, not really. 

Note that DSIP is people’s money. It does not belong to the young MPs or any other MPs for that matter. They are only stewards (that is why they are called public servants).

On their pay and allowances alone, the young politicians do not qualify as the youngest millionaires in PNG. They play around with lots of money, but it’s NOT theirs, it belongs to the people – you and me!

So, who is the youngest millionaire in PNG?

As mentioned, there are some young businessmen and businesswomen in PNG who often go unnoticed. They go about quietly, doing their business and any one of them can rightfully be the youngest millionaire in PNG.

Let us know if you know anyone young person who makes the cut in the comment.

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