Vanilla and Cocoa: Empowering People in East Sepik Province (Hon. Allan Bird)

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird highlights the recent cocoa price surge and the province’s plan to capitalize on the growing vanilla market in a new initiative aimed at empowering local communities.

Governor Bird, a strong advocate for grassroots development, has focused on reviving the province’s agricultural potential since taking office in 2017.

“Empowering the people has always been my goal,” Governor Bird is quoted as saying. “Every nation is built on the sweat of its people.”

Bird credits his foresight in planting his first vanilla crop in 1994, not for personal gain, but “to transform a society.” He emphasizes the Greater Sepik Region’s capacity to produce 600 tons of vanilla annually, with a potential value of K800 million for local villages.

The article highlights Governor Bird’s strategic utilization of the EU STREIT program, which focused on improving cocoa, vanilla, and fish production in the region. Bird credits the program with significantly enhancing vanilla quality in preparation for the anticipated global shortage.

“We only needed one cyclone in Madagascar and boom, prices will spike,” Governor Bird said, referencing the historical impact of cyclones on vanilla production in the country.

The Governor emphasizes the importance of being prepared for opportunities presented by challenges like climate change.

“We have positioned ourselves, we are ready and now we have opportunity,” Governor Bird concludes.

The article show’s Governor Bird’s commitment to empowering East Sepik Province through strategic planning and harnessing global market opportunities.

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