Twitter Experiences Outage with Users Reporting “Rate Limit Exceeded” Issue

In a disruptive turn of events, Twitter, the popular social media platform, is currently facing technical difficulties, leaving users frustrated and unable to access the app. Thousands of Twitter users have encountered a recurring message displaying “rate limit exceeded,” hindering their ability to engage with the platform’s features.

Downdetector, a website that monitors online service outages, has been flooded with reports of Twitter problems since midday today. At its peak, over 4,000 complaints were registered at around 3:30 pm BST. Users have expressed their dismay over the persistent “rate limit exceeded” error, which signifies exceeding the allowable usage limit within a specific timeframe.

According to Twitter, the rate limit is a measure to control the utilization of the Twitter API. It restricts the frequency of usage within an hour, ensuring fair access to all users. It’s important to note that these limits apply solely to the Twitter app and not the website.

Numerous individuals have voiced their frustrations on Downdetector, sharing their experiences and discussing the issues they are encountering on the platform. Some users humorously described the lengthy duration of the outage, claiming to have achieved significant milestones in the time it took for Twitter to falter. Others expressed annoyance at their inability to receive tweets, browse their timelines, or search for profiles.

While some find the situation exasperating, others have found entertainment in witnessing the reactions of those who are “losing their mind” over the temporary unavailability of a social media site. Nevertheless, the widespread impact of this Twitter outage is evident, as users across the United Kingdom and beyond grapple with the disruption to their online interactions.

Twitter has yet to provide an official statement addressing the issue or a timeline for the resolution of the ongoing problems. As frustrated users eagerly await a resolution, the impact of this outage continues to reverberate throughout the online community.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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