Thousands of PNG Teachers Miss Pay Due to Provincial Errors, Auto-Suspension Delayed

Minister for Education, Hon. Lucas Dekena, MP, has placed blame on Provincial Education Advisors (PEAs) for the suspension of pay for over 8,500 teachers. This represents 13% of the total number of teachers on the Department of Education payroll.

The suspensions stem from an “auto-suspension” exercise implemented to ensure teachers’ Resumption of Duty Summary Sheets (RoDSS) are properly entered into the Alesco Pay System. While the initial date for this exercise was Pay 5, it was extended to Pay 10 due to concerns over a high number of potential suspensions.

Minister Dekena pointed out that all provinces, except Southern Highlands and Gulf, have access to the Alesco Pay System and the responsibility to ensure teachers’ RoDSS are submitted. He emphasized that the PEAs, who report to Governors and Provincial Administrators, failed to perform their duties diligently, leading to the large number of suspensions.

“The Secretary for Education collaborates with the provinces, but the PEAs answer directly to Governors and Provincial Administrators,” Dekena explained. “These recent suspensions are a result of the PEAs not fulfilling their responsibilities.”

In response to this issue, the Department of Education has deferred the auto-suspension process until Pay 12. Dekena attributed the pay suspensions to several factors, including late teacher appointments by provinces, lack of proper documentation, and the practice of schools borrowing positions from each other.

“I urge all PEAs to assist their teachers in ensuring proper documentation and RoDSS submissions for payroll restoration,” Dekena concluded. “Failure to do so will result in referrals to Provincial Administrators for disciplinary actions.”

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