Somare University Celebrates First Graduates with Diploma in Agriculture

Maprik, East Sepik Province, PNG: The Somare University of Agriculture and Rural Technology (SUART) marked a fitting moment in its development with the graduation of its first cohort on the 11th of December, 2023. Twenty-one students received diplomas in Agriculture, signifying the culmination of years of dedication and collective effort.

This milestone represents a significant step forward in fulfilling the long-held dream of accessible higher education in agriculture for the East Sepik Province. SUART’s establishment and progress are testaments to the unwavering commitment of the Provincial Government, the District Development Authority, the University of Goroka, and the Department of Higher Education. These stakeholders, along with the leadership of Director Lena Yual and the unwavering support of staff, students, and community leaders, have overcome resource limitations to make this achievement possible.

The inaugural graduating class paves the way for a bright future for SUART. With a growing student body and the launch of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Agriculture in 2024, the University is poised to play a pivotal role in driving agricultural development and empowering communities throughout the region. This momentous occasion holds significance for the local communities, representing the realization of their long-cherished desire for educational advancement within their province.

With its focus on agricultural education and research, SUART is poised to contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the East Sepik Province and beyond. The University’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in agriculture will equip graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the region’s needs and contribute to a more prosperous future.


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