Sexual Energy Transmutation is a SUPERPOWER

Sexual energy transmutation is refraining from sexual pleasure and channelling that energy towards your goals & creative pursuits. 

You’re redirecting your sexual desire for women towards your desire to succeed in life.

This is done through sexual abstinence.

Photo: Four generations of lean-strong males early in the 60s, Papua New Guinea.

1. Meditation

On semen retention, your balls are going to be full of energy. Keeping the energy in your balls is a dangerous game when it comes to urges.

Meditation is the medium by which you channel energy upwards in your body. Away from the sex organ, to wherever you want.

Through meditation you can:

  • 1. Increase your focus
  • 2. Reduce stress & anxiety
  • 3. Become more present & grounded
  • 4. Access creative stores of energy
  • 5. Become more loving & understanding
Future visualization in meditative states is also a powerful tool for creating whatever life you desire.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Picture the person and life you want to have in 3 years.
  • Assume the identity now.
Take action and you will actualize your dreams and vision.

2. Sculpting your dream physique

You cannot have discipline without sexual discipline. When you learn to utilise your lust for purpose, discipline outpours into all areas of life. 
Getting on top of your diet & training becomes easy. Maintaining a routine becomes effortless.
Because a man that can go without sexual pleasure for long periods is unique. When you practise semen retention, you will discover unbelievable levels of energy.
This energy should be put to use. In the gym. Lifts will become easier. You’ll become stronger and look better.
Consistency becomes your identity. You keep working hard because you love how amazing it makes you feel. It’s this positive feedback loop that creates the discipline required for success.
Relentlessly pursue your dream physique and everything else in your life starts to align.

3. Building & creating

By retaining vital fluid for nourishing your body & mind, your outlook on life will change. You’ll no longer view yourself as purely a consumer of information.
You’ll experience strong urges to transform into a creator.
Transmutation is responsible for this.
By keeping your sacral chakra in balance, creativity and productivity will flourish. You can use these heightened cognitive capabilities to create and build something special.
So, you can use your sex energy to start a business or learn a new skill.
Whatever it is, work on it every day and create something meaningful. That serves a purpose to you and other people.
Turning up every day becomes effortless when you’re practising semen retention.

4. Thirst for wisdom & knowledge

You will experience unmatched levels of ambition and determination when you harness your divine energy.
Something that you cannot understand unless you experience it yourself. Hunger to seek wisdom and compound knowledge will soar.
You’ll unlock access to higher sources of energy like your 3rd Eye and Crown chakras. These allow you to tap into something you have not discovered before.
Intuition, awareness, consciousness and imagination – all are elevated. Make use of these hugely desirable perks.
After all, this improved cognitive function provides greater memory to learn and gather information. You will feel unproductive and almost shameful if you’re not learning something every day. 
Your desire to become a well-rounded individual will reach its peak.
Masturbators are full of shame, guilt and self-loathing.
Photo: Indigenous Australians on Bathurst Island 1939

5. Become more sociable & loving

This isn’t rocket science.
You can’t complain about having social anxiety when your sperm is ending up in tissues.
Retain your seed and eradicate your porn-viewing habits and you will inevitably become a more social person.
Masturbators are full of shame, guilt and self-loathing.
When you tame your sacred energy, you get back the self-worth, confidence and innocence you had as a kid.
The result of this is a much stronger craving to talk to people.
Even strangers.
You will learn how to love again and how to show it. Because you’ll get so much joy out of the small things in life.
Your reward centre is finally stabilizing. Relationships with those around you begin to bloom. You know how to communicate and listen to other people.
If you try semen retention but tell me you didn’t feel any difference, my next question is always:
What other changes did you make in your life alongside it?
The answer is usually ‘not much’. You have to put the work in, brother. You get out of it what you put in.
Source: Be Self Mastered (see it here) on Twitter handle @beselfmaster.

PNG Sexual Energy Transmutation
This work was originally produced by Be Self Mastered

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