Second Cohort STEM Students Embark on US Scholarship

Papua New Guinea has sent 43 brilliant students to the United States for further studies in important STEM fields in 2022. This is a major step towards becoming a world leader in STEM education.

These students graduated from six of the country’s best National Schools of Excellence last year. Thirteen of them are studying at Nicholls State University, while the other 30 studying at South Dakota State University.

The students will be studying a wide range of STEM subjects, including mechanical engineering, biochemistry, computer science, petroleum engineering, molecular biology, electrical engineering, civil engineering, agricultural engineering, and construction engineering in data science.

This scholarship program is part of the PNG government’s plan to develop a skilled and innovative workforce that will drive economic growth and technological advancement.

The first cohort of students has already left for the United States, and the second cohort will follow in the new year. This shows the government’s commitment to STEM education and its desire to develop a strong STEM workforce.

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