Sean Rii Latest Song 2023 – Tomorrow Comes

Sean Rii Latest Song, Tomorrow Comes, is a ripper among the new songs he releases this year. 

His fans cannot get enough of his songs. Sure to have them on repeat. Sing along to Tomorrow Comes, see the lyrics below.

You’ll love it. Video (audio embedded)

 Lyrics (Sean Rii Latest Song 2022 – Tomorrow Comes)

( Verse 1 )

Umi stap almost 4 years now , ( yeh yeh )

U save callem me ya baba , ( na dada )

I just wanna tell u theirs no other like you,

My brown skin girl,

My island queen,

Bara mekem me soreh,

( Pre Chorus )

Tell me now , x2

(Just say so) 

Tell me now x2 

Just say so,

( Chorus )

If you gonna leave me when tomorrow comes knocking on the door, 

Just know that I tried to walk by your side till the the end,

Baby girl me no liar liar, 

If your love burns out no more fire ya ya,

And if I don’t make you happy and you wanaa go ( yeah ahh )

Just know that I care to the end,

( Verse 2 )

You save mekem me karange, 

Time me save lookim you wokin past ya,

Mahn ya you save spoilem mind bilong me aiya wehh,

Yo yo, 

But me like talem you that me lovem you,

You and me forever ( I just wana be by your side )

Lovem you is a big thing inna me life wana make you as me wife,

( I just wana be by your side )

Sean Rii Latest Song 2022 – Tomorrow Comes (Audio)

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