Savannah Tkatchenko Deleted Her TikTok Video

Papua New Guinea’s Foreign Minister, Justin Tkachenko, has come to the defence of his daughter, Savannah Tkatchenko, over a TikTok video she posted during the country’s official delegation to King Charles III’s coronation in London.

In the video, Ms Tkatchenko flaunts her luxurious shopping experiences and extravagant meals in first-class airport lounges on the taxpayer-funded trip. The video has faced backlash in PNG, with critics arguing that the money spent on the trip should have been used to improve healthcare, education, and other services in the impoverished country.

Mr Tkachenko dismissed the critics as “primitive animals” with “nothing better to do” and stated that his daughter did not purchase anything at some of the shops featured in the video.

Ms Tkatchenko appears to have deleted her video but copies have emerged on PNG Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

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