RPNGC Recruitment Drive Uncovers Suspects Among Shortlisted Applicants

In a recent statement released by the RPNGC, it has been revealed that among the 3,900 shortlisted applicants for the NCD Central and Gulf, eight suspects were found to have produced fraudulent documents during the screening process. The suspects were required to produce original documents like birth certificates, ID cards, and police clearance forms as part of the recruitment requirements.

One of the suspects was identified as a 25-year-old woman, and all eight have been taken to the Boroko Police Station by the criminal investigation division for questioning. The RPNGC Recruitment Drive involves offices from the recruitment agency Headhunters PNG, the Civil and Identity Registry office, and the Measurement Services Division of the education department to check and authenticate the required documents produced by the shortlisted applicants.

However, the recruitment process has come under scrutiny, with a large group of shortlisted applicants visiting the EMTV office to air their grievances. According to the applicant spokesperson, who observed the selection process, it is not going well.

Melissa Saya, a 26-year-old who applied for regular recruit, also shared similar sentiments. She said “I was supposed to do my test today in the morning at eight o’clock, and today I was there to do my entry test. I saw that my other fellow applicants who were supposed to do the entry test yesterday had their names out for the test result, and I was wondering why I’m not in there to do my entry test yet, and the result has come out quickly,” said Saya.

The EMTV Newsroom contacted Assistant Commissioner Human Resources for comments, where he confirmed that a statement would be released soon. The RPNGC has assured the public that they will continue to investigate any fraudulent activities during the recruitment process and ensure that only eligible applicants are selected.

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