Public Holiday Declared in Port Moresby for High-Level Visits

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – In light of the upcoming high-level visits to Port Moresby, Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, on the recommendation of Prime Minister James Marape as the delegate of the National Executive Council, has authorized a one-day public holiday on Monday, May 22, for the National Capital District. The purpose of this public holiday is to ensure the proper observance of security protocols during these significant visits.

Prime Minister James Marape announced that certain sections of the city will go into lockdown, while other areas will allow the public to stand on the side of the road to welcome the visiting leaders. This decision aims to strike a balance between enabling the people to participate in the excitement surrounding this important event and ensuring the utmost security for the city.

The public holiday in Port Moresby will primarily mark the momentous visit of the Prime Ministers of Fiji, New Zealand, and India. The government is keen on ensuring that the public remains engaged and enthusiastic about this visit. However, it is also imperative to maintain the highest level of security measures during the event.

Regrettably, the anticipated visit of U.S. President Joe Biden to Australia and Papua New Guinea has been canceled. Media reports from the United States cited ongoing debt ceiling negotiations as the reason for President Biden’s return. The government, upon receiving White House confirmation, expressed its disappointment and is in discussions with bilateral partners to assess the expected security requirements in terms of crowd control and motorcade routes for the visiting VIPs.

Preparations are underway to ensure the successful execution of the high-level visits. The government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, is implementing stringent security measures to safeguard the visiting dignitaries and maintain peace and order during the event.

The one-day public holiday on Monday, May 22, will allow the authorities to focus on the necessary security arrangements and minimize any potential disruptions. The people of Port Moresby are encouraged to cooperate with the security personnel and follow their instructions to ensure a smooth and secure environment throughout the visit.

Citizens and residents of Port Moresby eagerly await the arrival of the esteemed leaders, hoping for fruitful discussions and positive outcomes from these diplomatic engagements. The public holiday serves as a testament to the significance of these visits and showcases Papua New Guinea’s commitment to hosting such high-profile events in a secure and well-organized manner.

As the date draws near, the government will continue to provide updates and guidance regarding the public holiday and security arrangements. The people are advised to stay informed through official channels and cooperate with the authorities to make this event a memorable and successful one for Papua New Guinea and its international partners.

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