Port Moresby’s Badminton Club Membership Set to Expand After Finals

In a thrilling finale to the Port Moresby Pinoy Shuttlers Club Badminton Tournament, the Phoenix Smashes emerged victorious after defeating the Badminton Hot Shots in a nail-biting match. The Phoenix Smashes displayed their skill and tactical brilliance throughout the tournament, culminating in a resounding victory in the championship match.

Alfa Ado, President of the Port Moresby Pinoy Shuttlers Club, expressed his delight at the tournament’s success, highlighting the intense competition and high level of sportsmanship displayed by all participants. He also announced that the awarding ceremony for the tournament’s winners and participants will take place on November 19th at the Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby.

Inviting badminton enthusiasts to join the club, Alfa Ado emphasized that the Port Moresby Pinoy Shuttlers Club is open to anyone interested in playing badminton, regardless of skill level. Newcomers are encouraged to reach out via the club’s Facebook page for guidance and information about joining. Alfa Ado also expressed his hope that the club could arrange training sessions in the near future.

The Port Moresby Pinoy Shuttlers Club is committed to promoting the sport of badminton in the region. The club’s successful tournament and welcoming atmosphere are a testament to its dedication to growing the sport. With the Phoenix Smashes emerging as champions and the club welcoming new members, the badminton scene in Port Moresby is undoubtedly on the rise.

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