PNG Speaker Ignored Supreme Court Ruling, PBC Members Risk 10-Year Imprisonment

In a dramatic turn of events following a heated parliamentary session, East Sepik Provincial Member Allan Bird has accused the Parliamentary Private Business Committee (PBC) of showing contempt towards a Supreme Court decision. The Supreme Court had previously ruled that the PBC lacks the authority to remove a vote of no confidence, a power that resides solely with the parliament.

Bird, who exited the session amidst rising tensions, criticized the PBC for its decision, which was announced prior to the parliamentary sitting. He argued that the PBC failed to follow due protocol before deliberating on the vote of no confidence motion.

“Keith did something really smart,” Bird said, he read the Court’s decision (Polye vs Zurenouc, 2016) on the floor of parliament.

“By reading the Court’s decision, we can now say that the government is in contempt. They’re in contempt of a Supreme Court decision.”

Parliamentary Private Business Committee Accused of Contempt of Court, Each MP Faces Potential 10-Year Sentence

Bird also revealed that the opposition would seek advice from their lawyers, hinting at potential legal action. “We should be expecting some really good decisions from the courts,” he added.

The East Sepik Provincial Member further stated that each committee member must face a 10-year jail sentence for tampering with the decision of the highest court.

“Now that we’ve got everything on hand, we’re going to ask for 10-year jail terms because if you breach the Constitution deliberately, which they have done now, we’re going to ask the Supreme Court for 10 years in prison for all the members of the private business committee.”

All the actions of the PBC were captured on camera, and he believes this evidence will be crucial in the upcoming legal proceedings.

“That’s why we deliberately did what we did. We’ve got them on hand up and we’ve got them on TV cameras as well,” he concluded.

This incident marks a significant escalation in the ongoing political tensions, and the potential ramifications of these accusations could have far-reaching implications for the members of the PBC and the government as a whole.

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