PNG to Appoint SOE Heads Transparently – Duma

The Minister for State Enterprises in Papua New Guinea (PNG), William Duma, has announced that appointments of heads of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the country will be conducted transparently and without political interference. The move is aimed at allowing all the SOEs to strive and achieve good results for the benefit of the country.

The announcement comes after concerns were raised on social media regarding the performance of some of the SOEs in the country. Minister Duma stated that his ministry is looking at approaches to uplift the performance of the SOEs in the country.

The new approach to appointment of SOE heads will be done diligently without political interference, according to the KCH Controllers Authorization Act which was changed to allow independent recruitment consultants to be engaged. All vacant positions will be advertised and the final list will be submitted to the Minister by KSH with no room for political influence.

Minister Duma emphasized that the appointments will be made on merit with due diligence, leading to pleasing outcomes. When people who have gone through a thorough independent process are appointed, good results are expected. As a result, good things take time to happen, and the new approach will allow for the SOEs to run without political interference.

The Minister highlighted that things are starting to look good in the SOE space, with reports of allegations being thoroughly investigated and a whistleblowing system in place. The Independent Accounting Firms will be engaged to investigate where problems are found and fix them to ensure that there are no qualified opinions from the other General’s office.

The Minister said he is working to ensure SOEs adapt to the characteristics of good and well-run private companies. This will ensure that PNG can achieve its goals and provide better services to its people.

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