PNG Teachers Strike as Government Delays Agreed Pay Rise

Teachers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are threatening to strike after the government failed to implement a promised 3% pay increase. PNG Teachers’ Strike is inevitable as education of thousands of students, returning from term one holiday, is at stake.

The raise was agreed upon in a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) in December 2023. The PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) argues that the agreement is a legally binding contract and is demanding the government find funds to fulfill its commitment.

“The agreement was signed between PNGTA, the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), and the Department of Personnel Management (DPM). It is a legal document, and the government is now responsible for finding the funds to pay the teachers,” said PNGTA acting General Secretary Kingston Alu.

Alu urged teachers to be patient while the government searches for money, but warned of potential legal action if the government fails to comply.

This lack of urgency from the government has frustrated teachers, who say they are being forced to consider strike action.

“We heard rumors of teachers threatening to go on strike as they did not receive their three percent as agreed,” said Alu. “There is a strike looming.”

The PNG government has not yet commented on the situation.

This is not the first time PNG teachers have threatened to strike over pay. In the past, PNG teachers strikes have caused disruptions to education across the country.

The PNGTA is hoping to avoid a strike this time around, but they are prepared to take action if the government does not take steps to address their concerns.

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