PNG Teachers Payslip Online Safety: Be Warned

A critical alert has been issued to teachers across Papua New Guinea regarding an alarming surge in online scams targeting their PNG teachers’ online payslip access. These scams aim to access sensitive information, potentially leading to financial fraud.

The PNG teachers’ online payslip system, a vital and free service for educators, has become a prime target for these fraudsters who are using WhatsApp and Facebook and get unsuspecting teachers. Teachers are strongly urged to exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant.

Never engage with third-party individuals, stores, or online groups claiming to assist with payslip-related matters. While these entities may appear helpful, they harbour ulterior motives to defraud unsuspecting teachers.

Scammers actively utilize popular social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook to access teachers’ personal information, including Full name (payroll name), Surname (payroll name), File number, Email address, Phone number, Face-ID photo and NSL/NID card.

Sharing such personal details through unauthorized channels exposes teachers to a high risk of identity theft, financial loss, and fraudulent activities. Authorities emphasize the importance of extreme caution and stress that confidential data should **never be disclosed through any unauthorized channels** concerning your PNG teachers’ online payslips.

To safeguard secure PNG teachers’ online payslip access, teachers are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Never engage with anyone claiming to offer payslip access outside official channels.
  • Refrain from paying any fees or service charges for accessing your payslips. The PNG teacher’s online payslip system is free.
  • Avoid sharing personal information through unverified online platforms. Stick to legitimate channels only.
  • Access your payslips exclusively through the official PNG teachers online payslip website or dedicated mobile app.
  • Immediately report any suspected scam attempts to the authorities. Do not hesitate to seek help if you encounter anything suspicious.

Teachers are reminded that the PNG teachers’ online payslip system prioritizes security and integrity. Legitimate support, if required with the system, can be sought through official channels, such as contacting your local education office or visiting the main education office. Protecting personal information is crucial in preventing financial and identity-related crimes.

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