PNG Teachers Pay Increase 2023: Urgent Action Needed for Promised Raise

Teachers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are still waiting for the promised 3% pay increase for 2023. The slow implementation of the pay rise has caused concerns among teachers, who have not received a pay increase since 2019.

“The life of a teacher has become increasingly difficult due to the lack of a proper pay increase,” said a spokesperson for the PNG Teachers Association.

“Teachers are facing financial challenges, and this is affecting their ability to deliver quality education to our children.”

The PNG Teachers Association is urging the government to fast-track the implementation of the 3% pay increase for teachers, which was promised to all public servants early in March this year.

“We call on the government to prioritize the welfare of teachers and ensure that the promised pay increase is implemented without further delay,” added the spokesperson.

Many teachers in PNG believe that an alternative pay fixation agreement schedule, which includes a welfare component for teachers nationwide, should be considered to address their financial challenges. Such an agreement would help improve the living conditions of teachers and enable them to focus on their primary responsibility of providing quality education to students.

“We urge the government to consider the welfare of teachers as a priority,” said a concerned teacher. “Adequate pay is not only about rewarding teachers for their service but also about motivating them to perform their best and raise the education standards of our country.”

The delay in implementing the promised pay increase has left many teachers disappointed and frustrated. They are urging the government to take swift action in fulfilling its commitment to the 3% pay increase for teachers.

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