PNG PM Marape skips King’s coronation, hosts Biden and Modi.

In a surprise announcement today, Prime Minister Hon. James Marape revealed that he will not be attending the coronation of King Charles III, set to take place next month. Instead, he will be focusing his attention on the upcoming visits of US President Hon. Joe Biden and Indian PM Hon. Narendra Modi.

In a statement, PM Marape said that he has instructed Foreign Minister Tkatchenko to represent him at the coronation, adding that he wants to ensure that Papua New Guinea’s relationship with the UK remains strong. “I have full confidence in Minister Tkatchenko to represent our country at this historic event,” he said.

The decision not to attend the coronation has fueled speculation about the upcoming visits of President Biden and PM Modi. While details about the visits have yet to be confirmed, PM Marape’s statement seems to confirm rumours that President Biden will be making his inaugural visit to Papua New Guinea.

As for the Prime Minister’s meeting with President Xi, there have been no updates yet. The meeting was originally scheduled to take place earlier this month but was postponed due to scheduling conflicts. A new date for the meeting has not been announced, but sources close to the Prime Minister say that it is still a priority for his administration.

With the visits of President Biden and PM Modi on the horizon, it seems that PM Marape is focusing his attention on strengthening Papua New Guinea’s relationships with key allies around the world. While the decision not to attend the coronation may be disappointing for some, it underscores the importance that the Prime Minister places on building relationships that will benefit his country in the long run.

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