To all the Karanas right lewas and fans, this PNG music collection is for you…sure you’ll know most of the songs in this Bilas Peles collection 🙂

The top 20 PNG Music is a compilation of favourite and latest PNG songs from PNG Music Fan for the music lovers out there. 

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For all NIPS souls and Karanas Lewas, click on the time for your fav PNG Music from Bilas Peles:

00:00:00 Mangi NIPS I Bosim Lewa (Jhay Rex ft. JayRonz) (“Em tru music blo nilpis sa sutim mi gut street, Ino wrong yet”) 00: 04:31 Shu Shu (Jnr Tasins) “Ol mangi Niu Ailan tu ol sa brukim lewa yah!!” 00:07:43 New Ireland Bilas Peles (Jokema) “Who here is far from home and listening to this song and thinking back of HOME?! SORE PELES…MARIS. This Song is still BEST!!” 00:11:57 Angel New Ireland (Tarvin Tunie ft. JHard Blaque) “Nipis tumas. Best!” 00:15:29 Huris (Dassel Mystics) “Ai sore lihir hits sa kamapim color blo New Ireland. Nilpis original beat” 00:19:05 Roklema (Futlus of Kavieng) “Indeed New Ireland is BilasPles” 00:23:43 Go Back Bilas Peles (Raiwat – New Ireland) “This PNG Music never gets old” 00:28:00 Meri Matis (Shaggy Mahn feat. TPS Crew) “That’s What I am Talking About! Rait Music” 00:31:05 Novung (Futlus of Kavieng) “This song is Pure New Ireland, sung in Madak language, central New Ireland. So tolai’s have nothing to do with it, although you can differentiate their language from ours. Proud nips, madak blood.” 00:34:26 BILAS PELES (Sharzah Mahn) “Mani karanas ya, yu bilas, you mangal…bilas ples…mother homeland” 00:37:60 Lilingik (John Wong) “[W]ow thanks for posting- never even heard of the place before this, but looks amazing!- defo have to go on my ‘list’” 00:40:28 Meri New Ireland (JALO) “Meri New Ireland you tasol” 00:43:01: Bilas Lewa (Stained Arts) Salim tintin igo bek…lo olo mangi lo peles NIPS 00:48:24 Meri Kavieng (JayRex SuiSui) “Trupla music blo nipis. Sexy meri Kevieng!!” String blo gita tu ya, PNG Music namba 00:50:41 Meri New Ireland (Wizzy B) Skel namba. Mekim mangi sepik saik up long you. 00:54:01 Meri New Ireland (Jalo) “Meri New Ireland you tasol – Trupla PNG Music stret 00:75:11 New Ireland Erex Suisui Provincial Song (Jhayrons) A song about New Ireland province, its seas, bush, people…great provincial songs. 01:01:40 Meri New Ireland (Jahmal) She must have been a fallen angel…Meri New Islan 😊 Check it out!! PNG LATEST MUSIC about Meri NIPS 01:05:23 Meri Niu Ireland (Max’en Bwoy) Latest PNG Music now trending Check it out!! 01:08:34 Footloose of Kavieng – BOT 2022 Latest PNG Music now trending. Check it out!!

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