PNG Government Supports Coffee Sector with Funding for Transport

The Papua New Guinea government has announced its support for the coffee sector by providing funding for logistics. Minister for Coffee Joe Kuli stated that the first recipients of the funding included the Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF), which received K200,000, and Consort Shipping Express with K80,000. He also acknowledged the significant contributions of MAF in developing the country, especially in areas without roads and bridges, where they have provided crucial services.

Minister Joe Kuli expressed his commitment to finding ways to improve and support the coffee sector, stating that he will be looking at ways to support coffee prices. Coffee Industry Corporation CEO, Charles Dambui, also highlighted the long-standing partnership between MAF and the coffee sector.

The government has allocated a total of K450,000 for various freight agencies, with ongoing funding to be made available, including this year. The government has expressed an interest in partnering with airlines to transport coffee from remote areas, and MAF has been identified as a potential partner due to its long-standing presence in the country and its ability to reach remote areas.

MAF’s country director expressed their appreciation for the government’s investment in this kind of opportunity to help move produce to the markets. The funds will be used as requested, and MAF will provide close accounting and reporting of their impact.

The announcement was made by Minister Joe Kuli at the MAF headquarters in Mount Hagen.

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