PNG Government Set Up New Ministry for Constitutional Matters

In a strategic move aimed at strengthening governance and addressing critical constitutional issues, the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government established the Ministry of Constitutional Matters during a recent ministerial reshuffle. This significant development comes amidst the national anticipation of the upcoming vote of no confidence for the Marape/Rosso administration.

The newly formed ministry, led by Hon. Masere, signifies a strong commitment to tackling the upcoming National Census, electoral reforms, and voter ID registration.

Furthermore, the minister will spearhead electoral reforms to streamline voter registration procedures and integrate the National Identification (NID) system for a comprehensive understanding of the population. This initiative addresses a long-standing gap, as Prime Minister James Marape emphasizes the importance of accurate demographic data for effective policy formulation and national planning.

The Ministry of Constitutional Matters will also oversee the reform and review of the Electoral Commission, aligning with the ongoing efforts of Chairman The Honorable Saki Solom in the constitutional law reform commission. This strategic consolidation ensures dedicated attention to this vital aspect of national governance.

Following consultations with Coalition Party leaders and key government officials, Prime Minister James Marape confirmed that the National Statistics Office, Electoral Commission, and other crucial constitutional bodies, including the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and Ombudsman Commission, will now report directly to the Ministry. This streamlining aims to facilitate the efficient handling of matters of public service integrity and constitutional adherence.

Establishing the Ministry of Constitutional Matters marks a significant stride towards addressing longstanding governance challenges in PNG. With a dedicated minister at the helm, the government demonstrates its commitment to leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a precise population count, robust electoral processes, and the efficient functioning of key constitutional offices.

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