PNG Education Department Successfully Conducts Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exams Despite Cheating Concerns

The Papua New Guinea Department of Education (PNGDOE) has successfully completed the Grade 10 and Grade 12 National Examinations, despite some cheating concerns that arose during the process.

In a press briefing in Port Moresby, PNGDOE Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra expressed his satisfaction with the overall conduct of the exams, despite some challenges in delivering the test papers to rural schools. He thanked the school administrators for their cooperation and the local school officials and education professionals at the provincial level for their efforts in getting the exam papers to the schools.

While the Grade 10 exam faced some challenges, the Grade 12 International School Certificate exam went smoothly. Dr. Kombra stressed that everything was done to make sure the exams were fair and secure.

“We have no proof of cheating, and this is good news for our country and our education system,” he stated.

However, Dr. Kombra also acknowledged cheating concerns. He mentioned that some individuals involved in selling exam papers to schools were caught by the police. He also highlighted the problem of collaboration between criminals and schools in stealing and distributing exam papers.

“The schools are responsible for securing these exams and giving them out fairly, but there was collaboration between criminals who tried to steal the papers and sell them to students,” he explained.

To address these issues, the PNGDOE has worked hard to safeguard exam papers and inform parents and guardians about the actions taken to address these concerns.

“We’ve put in place a strong security system to ensure that each school gets a unique set of exam papers. This reduces the chances of stolen papers being used for cheating,” Dr. Kombra emphasized. He also issued a strong warning to students, stating that cheating during exams is against the law.

Now that the exams are over, the focus shifts to the grading process. The grading of Grade 10 exam papers started last week, while the Grade 12 exam papers are scheduled for marking this week. The examination season is expected to conclude soon with the administration of the Grade 8 paper.

In addition to the challenges of cheating, the PNGDOE is also facing other obstacles in conducting nationwide exams. These include Papua New Guinea’s vast geographical landscape, which makes it hard to deliver exam papers to rural schools on time. Additionally, the country’s limited infrastructure can make it difficult to transport exam papers and personnel to remote areas.

The PNGDOE is working to overcome these obstacles to ensure that all students have a chance to participate in fair and secure exams. This is vital for ensuring that all students have access to quality education and the opportunity to succeed in life.

The successful completion of the Grade 10 and Grade 12 National Examinations is a significant achievement for the PNGDOE and everyone involved. Despite some challenges, the PNGDOE has shown its commitment to providing fair and secure educational assessments for all students.

The department is taking steps to address this issue, like implementing a robust security system and educating parents and guardians. These measures will help ensure that all students have an equal chance to succeed in their exams. However, the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Markers often reported instances of cheating during the marking. Unfortunately, no action has been taken against schools that have had these instances of cheating, especially in the Grade 12 exams.

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