PNG Education Department Crackdowns on Corrupt Officers

The PNG Education Department has declared a zero-tolerance policy for corrupt and dishonest employees, according to a press statement issued today by Secretary for Education Dr. Uke Kombra.

This statement comes in response to a front-page story published in the Post Courier on November 14, 2023, titled “Education officials demand money to process teacher’s claims.” The article alleged that some department staff were soliciting bribes from teachers to expedite claims.

“The Department of Education has made a number of achievements this year despite challenges,” Dr. Kombra said in the statement. “However, the actions of one or two officers have tarnished the reputation of the majority of honest and hardworking officers.”

Dr. Kombra urged the media to report any evidence of corruption directly to him for swift action. He discouraged teachers from going public with such allegations without first providing evidence to the department.

“We have been telling teachers to provide evidence of payments to officers to attend to their pay queries,” Dr. Kombra explained. “We have notices displayed on each floor of Vulupindi Haus stating that ‘services offered by the DOE are free of charge.'”

The PNG Education Department’s commitment to tackling corruption underscores its dedication to transparency and ethical conduct within its ranks.

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