PNG Drug Bust Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea’s Police Commissioner, David Manning, issued a stern warning about the growing threat of drug trafficking. He highlighted the national and regional security risks posed by the illegal drug trade, following a significant drug bust in Port Moresby.

The bust netted nine individuals, including two women and two former police officers, who were apprehended last Saturday. They are currently under investigation for suspected methamphetamine trafficking, possession of firearms, and ownership of military-grade body armor.

Commissioner Manning addressed the media, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. He pointed to the widespread presence of dangerous drugs, particularly methamphetamine, within PNG and surrounding areas. He pledged unwavering commitment from law enforcement in dismantling these criminal operations.

Manning commended the officers involved in the bust but stressed the need for a collective effort. He urged parents and the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious drug activity. He emphasized that combating this menace requires shared responsibility.

The arrested suspects are being held at designated police stations. Notably, two were former police officers dismissed for disciplinary reasons. Commissioner Manning confirmed continued monitoring of their activities, which ultimately led to their apprehension.

Details of the initial investigation remain undisclosed. However, a senior police official revealed that suspicious behavior by the group led to their initial stop. Further investigation uncovered firearms and illegal substances at a residence in Laurabada. This prompted a coordinated raid involving Water Police, detectives, and Special Services personnel.

The property, which included a small office equipped with surveillance cameras, raised further concerns about potential involvement in illicit activities. The seized contraband, including firearms and methamphetamine, underscores the gravity of the situation. Law enforcement officials warn of the long-term consequences if this issue remains unchecked.

While efforts to obtain further comments from drug enforcement units are ongoing, the recent bust and Commissioner Manning’s warnings highlight the urgent need for coordinated action. This action is critical to combat the proliferation of illicit drugs and associated criminal activities, ensuring the safety and security of PNG’s communities.

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