PNG Defence Force Prepares for Recruitment and Training for 2024

Papua New Guinea Defense Force (PNGDF) is set to begin recruitment and training for the year 2024, according to Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Etato, the commanding officer of Goldie River Training Depot. Basic recruit courses will commence early next year and the training focus for next year will be quite busy, with a lot of courses scheduled to run, including basic recruit courses.

The Chief of Defense Force, Major General Mark Goina, has given instructions for the Hercules PNG Defense Force to commence training as of next year. The basic recruitment training will be divided into two parts: a three-month basic recruitment course, followed by a more detailed six-month course for soldiers.

This year, not much work and training has been conducted due to various reasons, as explained by Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Etato. Firstly, COVID-19 affected some of the instructors, so they were not able to conduct a lot of training activities. Secondly, national elections meant that soldiers were deployed on operations to international elections, which prevented any training from being conducted in the first half of the year. However, during the second half of the year, some trainings were conducted at Goldie, including some inlay and work-related courses.

When not running any training, the team at Goldie were busy with infrastructure development. The Goldie Training Depot has recently undergone renovation and refurbishment of its training facilities, supported and funded by counterparts from the Australian Defense Force.

PNGDF is committed to providing excellent training to its recruits, and the upcoming courses are expected to equip new soldiers with the necessary skills to carry out their duties effectively.

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