PNG CIS 2023 Vision and Mission – Prospective Candidates on PNG CIS Recruitment 2023 Name List Take Note

The Papua New Guinea Correctional Service (PNGCIS) has released its vision, mission, and core functions for 2023. This announcement aims to inform new applicants who have followed up on the PNG CIS recruitment 2023 name list about what the organization stands for and what is expected of them.

According to the PNGCIS, their vision is to be a leader in detainee management and transformation, contributing to a just, safe, and secure Papua New Guinea. This means that the organization is committed to ensuring that offenders are managed in a manner that is not only secure but also transformative, allowing them to become reformed and productive members of society.

The mission of the PNGCIS is to enhance the safety and security of society through secure, humane containment, and facilitating the rehabilitation of convicted detainees in partnership with stakeholders in fulfilment of the CIS mandate and to achieve PNG Vision 2050. The PNGCIS is committed to achieving its mission by providing secure, humane containment facilities, as well as counselling, education, and training programs that will assist detainees in their transformation journey.

Furthermore, the primary purpose of the Papua New Guinea Correctional Service is to provide the mechanisms, facilities, and services for carrying out the orders of the judiciary in relation to community members who have been charged with or convicted of breaking the laws of Papua New Guinea. This means that the PNGCIS is responsible for ensuring that offenders are securely and humanely contained, as well as facilitating their rehabilitation journey.

To achieve its goals, the PNGCIS has three core functions that guide its operations. The first core function is to provide adequate and appropriate facilities and resources for the secure and humane containment of offenders. The second is to provide counselling, education, and training, which will assist detainees to return to society as reformed citizens. And finally, to recruit, train, and continually develop the skills and abilities of staff to ensure that the highest standards of offender supervision and rehabilitation are provided.

For new applicants following up on the PNG CIS recruitment 2023 name list, it is crucial to understand the organization’s vision, mission, and core functions. The PNGCIS is committed to providing secure and humane containment facilities for offenders, facilitating their rehabilitation journey, and continuously developing their staff’s skills and abilities. It is expected that applicants who wish to join the PNGCS team share the same commitment to the organization’s goals and values.

The PNGCIS is an organization committed to creating a safer and more secure Papua New Guinea through the secure, humane containment, and rehabilitation of offenders. The vision, mission, and core functions for 2023 guide the organization’s operations, ensuring that it remains focused on achieving its overall goal of contributing to a just, safe, and secure Papua New Guinea.

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