PM Marape Urges National Unity Amid Tkatchenko Investigation

Prime Minister James Marape Calls for National Unity Amid Investigation into Justin Tkatchenko

In a recent appearance on FM100’s talkback show, Prime Minister James Marape addressed the nation and disclosed that the Ombudsman Commission is currently conducting investigations into Justin Tkatchenko, the embattled member for Moresby South. Marape urged the citizens of Papua New Guinea to come together as a nation, emphasizing that this issue goes beyond an individual and has implications for the country’s national character.

During the radio interview, Marape stated, “As leaders, we are all accountable for our public conduct. We must uphold the highest level of integrity in our actions and words. The Ombudsman Commission has summoned Justin Tkatchenko to answer key questions regarding his conduct. They are establishing a file on this matter, and work is underway to investigate the actions of a leader of our country.”

Marape further reiterated his call for tolerance and forgiveness, citing a senior minister who had recently experienced online abuse towards his daughter. He emphasized the need for a mature and tolerant response, urging the public to refrain from engaging in negative behaviour and instead demonstrate forgiveness and understanding.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of national interests, particularly in light of upcoming meetings with world leaders in Port Moresby. He urged the citizens of Papua New Guinea to embody the principles of a Christian nation by treating residents, visitors, and online interactions with respect, maturity, and tolerance.

Addressing concerns about potential protests, Marape urged those who are paid to instigate disorder to reconsider their actions and called for sincere and constructive commentary for the betterment of the country. He also expressed his apprehension about professional political commentators who may have ulterior motives, cautioning against their possible transformation into professional protesters.

While Prime Minister Marape made this national appeal on the radio, unions and concerned citizens are planning a peaceful protest march, pending permission from the police hierarchy. The demonstration aims to draw attention to the issues surrounding Justin Tkatchenko and to express the public’s concerns regarding the investigation.

As Papua New Guinea navigates this sensitive situation, with investigations into a prominent political figure underway, the Prime Minister’s call for unity, tolerance, and forgiveness sets the tone for how the nation should respond to such challenges. The outcome of the investigations and the subsequent actions taken will be closely followed by the public and could have significant implications for the political landscape of the country.

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