Peoples Party Accepts Lafanama

The National General Elections is around the corner with the selection of candidates into political parties well underway. Last Friday, 19th November during a brief press conference held, the People’s Party announced that former Eastern Highlands Governor, Peti Lafanama had joined the Party.

He joins former colleague, Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas. In September this year, the Peoples Party held a convention in Jiwaka to begin their preparations for the National general elections, doing awareness and recruiting candidates.

The Peoples Party announced recently that the former EHP governor has decided to run for this small party and will be representing his people come the elections in 2022.

“I have been out of the political limelight for almost 20 years, but every election I’ve been contesting for the provincial seat. There are many issues in the country that needs to be addressed, since been a very critical observer for the past 20 years,” said Mr Lafanama.

He said the whole point of getting into the elections is not just about winning but actually making a difference. In the balance of his life, he hopes to do just that with a party that is determined to come in and make a change. Mr Lafanama believes that the Peoples Party will make a difference in the 2022 elections.

Meantime, Sir Ipatas said though Mr Lafanama has been out for two decades, he still has a lot to offer to the Highlands region and the country. Sir Peter is happy that the Party team accepted Mr Lafanama to contest under their Party.

Sir Ipatas said: “He will contribute immensely in Party policies, improve some of the policies and bring in some new ideas to assist in our young leader forward.”
He also stated that the country deserves to look at a new direction in many fronts and what PNG needs is leaders with integrity.
“We no longer need project managers on the floor of parliament. What we need is leaders who legislate and then at the same time, leaders who will make sure that this country actually progresses.”

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Author: Carol Kidu


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