Papua New Guinea Faces Disruption Puma Energy PNG Fuel Rationing Comes to Halt

Critical supply shortages have forced Puma Energy PNG, a vital player in Papua New Guinea’s energy sector, to ration fuel distribution across the country. This decision comes amidst ongoing challenges securing sufficient foreign exchange to import fuel, impacting the nation’s essential infrastructure.

Despite securing significant foreign exchange support from the Bank of Papua New Guinea last year, Puma Energy PNG continues to face supply constraints. In response, the company has been forced to scale back operations and prioritize fuel allocation for emergency services and critical infrastructure until a sustainable solution can be found.

This action follows extensive consultations with government stakeholders, including the Bank of Papua New Guinea, but ultimately resulted in the suspension of a planned US$150 million growth investment program. Puma Energy urges the government to establish a task force to help mitigate the impact on communities and the economy.

While this decision signifies the depth of the supply shortage, Puma Energy PNG remains committed to Papua New Guinea. The company emphasizes its longstanding role in bolstering the nation’s energy security and economic growth, employing over 500 people directly and creating thousands more through its supply chain. Despite the current challenges, Puma Energy remains dedicated to working alongside the government to navigate this crisis and find solutions for the long term.

Puma Energy’s PNG fuel crisis prompts a halt in supply operations due to severe shortages, despite efforts to secure foreign exchange. The company’s decision follows extensive engagement with government stakeholders, including the Bank of Papua New Guinea, but all avenues have been exhausted. With rationing measures implemented, emergency services and critical infrastructure are prioritized for fuel allocation. Puma Energy emphasizes the urgent need for a governmental task force to address the looming shortages and pledges continued collaboration to find solutions.

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