Over 300 Youths Surrender Guns and Illegal Items in Milne Bay Province

Over 300 youths in Milne Bay Province recently surrendered illegal items in a church-government initiative aimed at addressing the spiraling law and order issues involving the youth. The provincial administration is changing its approach to the situation, and Governor Gordon Wesley believes that the province’s problems can be solved using its own tailored solutions.

Governor Wesley spoke at the Mapamoiwa Station headquarters of the West Ferguson local-level government and addressed over 300 youths who converged to surrender illegal items, including homemade guns, ammunition, homebrew, contraceptives, and two approved marijuana plants. The initiative began in January at a United Church Crusade at Touragasi.

The Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector and Provincial Administrator were present to receive the illegal items, and all sector heads from divisions, including Commerce, Community Development, Fisheries, Agriculture, the Public Solicitors Office, Education, and more, were on hand to disseminate first-hand information on pathways forward where youth can be engaged to empower themselves.

Governor Wesley said that under his leadership, initiatives would change through targeted projects that would be rolled out. He is calling on all stakeholders to work together to ensure that the youth in Milne Bay Province are empowered to become responsible citizens who can contribute positively to the development of their communities.

The surrender of illegal items by over 300 youths is a significant step in the right direction, and the provincial government is optimistic that more youths will follow suit. With continued efforts and collaboration from all stakeholders, the province can begin to tackle the law and order issues that have been plaguing it for years.

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