Ok Tedi Closure Plans Revealed for Next 10 Years

The Ok Tedi Mining Project Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) is being reviewed this week in Alotau Milnebay Province, with Mining Minister Honourable Sir Ano Pala lending his support towards the parties involved in the review.

The MoA review Chairman, Andrew Gunua, urged all parties to cooperate during the review, stating that it was crucial that mutually beneficial solutions to agendas were reached during the forum, with mine closure in mind. The Secretary for the Department of Mineral Policy & Geohazards Management (DMPGM), Harry Kore, and the State team leader, Michael Wau, emphasized that it was important to quickly agree on the MoA so that commitments, especially key infrastructure development, could be undertaken during the remaining 10 years of the mine life.

The parties to the Ok Tedi Project MoA include the National Government, Fly River Provincial Government, Star Mountains Local Level Government, and the Mount Fubilan Resource Owners’ Association. Ok Tedi Mine Limited (OTML), Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited (KMHL), and the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) are attending the meeting as observers. The National Government is represented by the Departments of Mineral Policy & Geohazards Management (DMPGM), Treasury, Planning & Monitoring, Commerce & Industry, Lands & Physical Planning, Labour, Conservation & Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), and the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).

Jesse Pile, Ok Tedi’s Mining Limited’s Acting General Manager External Relations, urged all parties and stakeholders to work towards the common goal of giving back more to the resource owners and the Western Province in the remaining 10 years of the mine life. Mount Fubilan Resource Owners Association Chairman, Joshua David, and Fly River Provincial Government representative, Petrus Malongim, agreed that the MoA must be successfully concluded at the end of the week.

The negotiations for the MoA include agendas such as Special Support Grants (SSG), Royalties, Public Investment Programs (PIP), Tax Credit Scheme, Business Development, Labour, Lands matters, and mine closure. An MoA is a legal agreement that provides the basis for the distribution of mine-derived benefits between parties and project developers.

With 10 years of mine life left, it is crucial for all parties to work together towards a successful agreement that prioritizes the landowners and impacted communities. The Ok Tedi Mining Project has contributed immensely to the whole of PNG for the last 30 years, and with the remaining 10 years, it is time to look forward to a better tomorrow through the review process.

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