Number of Grade 8, 10 and 12 students in 2022 Exams

Over 200,000 students across the country will be sitting their national examinations in October 2022, starting with 71,300 Grade 10 students from 213 secondary and high schools doing their Lower Secondary School Certificate.

Next week 31,155 students from 212 secondary and national high schools will sit the Grade 12 examination.

The Grade 8 examination is from October 24-27 with over 125,000 students from 3,433 schools.

For the 227,455 students, their future literally hinges on these exams; passing them with above-average grades would mean proceeding to higher grades for some or placements at tertiary institutions for others.

Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra last week encouraged students sitting for the national examinations to demonstrate their intelligence in the National Examinations without malpractices of any kind.

At present, the bulk of these young people would be left out to fend for themselves. Only 20% of the total population will continue to the next level.

The rest of these school leavers are left to fend for themselves either in the job market or in private education institutions – if they can afford it.

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