NICTA’s Girls in ICT Scholarship Program Produces Four Successful Graduates in Papua New Guinea

Four young women from Papua New Guinea have recently completed their degree programmes in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) fields, thanks to the National Information and Communications Technology Authority’s (NICTA) Girls in ICT Tertiary Scholarship Program. Molly Marapuni and Leititia Gareitz graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Maths and Computer Science from the Divine Word University, while Justine Tau-Maro and Esther Ismiel graduated with first degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering respectively from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

These young women have become an inspiration to many, especially as their success comes ahead of the annual International Girls in ICT Day, which is scheduled to be celebrated on April 27. NICTA’s Girls in ICT Scholarship Program aims to encourage young women to consider careers in ICT, promote gender equality in the ICT sector, and meet NICTA’s social obligation to have an educated ICT society.

The Girls in ICT Scholarship Program has been running since 2016, and these recent graduates bring the total number of students who have passed through the program to eleven. Currently, NICTA has sixteen existing scholarships, with 15 scholars studying at the University of Technology, and one at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Applications for the scholarship program open at the end of each year for female school leavers taking up ICT courses at a NICTA-recognized institution. The success of these four young women is a testament to the positive impact of the scholarship program and the importance of promoting gender equality in the ICT industry.

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to highlight the need for diversity in all sectors, including the ICT industry. The achievements of these young women show that with the right support and opportunities, women can thrive in STEM fields and contribute to the growth of their communities and economies.

The successes of Molly, Leititia, Justine, and Esther will undoubtedly inspire future generations of young women to pursue careers in the ICT sector, and NICTA will continue to provide the support and resources necessary to make this a reality.

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