NCSL Mobile Banking Expands Telikom and Bmobile Partnership for Members

Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loans Ltd (NCSL) has announced a strategic commercial partnership with Telikom Ltd to provide mobile banking services. In a media conference held at Telikom Rumana yesterday, NCSL CEO Vari Lahui and Telikom Ltd CEO Amos Tepi assured stakeholders that the transition process will be smooth.

Under this partnership, NCSL contributors will now need to migrate to using PNG Telikom or BMobile SIM cards to access NCSL banking services. The CEO of NCSL, Mr. Lahui, stated that this is not a new arrangement for NCSL, but rather a continuation of what they had before, with hopes of enhancing the service to enable members all around the country to have access.

“This is a widely used service for our members, who normally use it to access their balances, initiate withdrawal applications, as well as loan applications, and we’re looking to have those services fully operational,” Mr. Lahui said.

Mr. Lahui also explained the reasons behind NCSL’s decision to partner with PNG Telikom, stating, “We previously had this service widely used with another network, but there were some issues and challenges that we came across. As a result, we had conferred with our board and made a commercial decision to have this partnership with PNG Telikom in welcoming all NCSL members to join.”

Telikom Ltd CEO, Mr. Tepi, assured that the local Telco company will ensure to resolve coverage issues and reliability of services for NCSL staff in rural and local areas. “This partnership is special to us as we want to see it as our best service provider to NCSL going forward in the future. We want to provide comfort and convenience to our members and we have already done mobile upgrades in most of our centres,” Mr. Tepi stated.

He further elaborated on the areas where PNG Telikom Network has carried out its coverage, saying, “Yes, there is, and we’ve got a couple of MPS also coming on board with us. We are doing a lot, including ICRC, Finschhafen District, Imbogu District in Southern Highlands, and we’re going to Telefomin in Sundaun Province. We’re probably looking at completing all the rollout towers before the end of the third quarter.”

The process of rollout, including registration for NCSL members to obtain PNG Telikom or BMobile SIM cards, will be made known in the coming weeks, according to Mr. Tepi.

The partnership between NCSL and Telikom Ltd aims to provide enhanced mobile banking services to NCSL contributors, with a focus on coverage, reliability, and convenience. NCSL members can look forward to improved access to their accounts and banking services across the country in the near future.

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