More than just a small business

27 June 2022 – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day recognizes the role Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play in the preservation of economies and advancement of people and planet.
A struggling small business owner, Glenda Supring revived her failed stationery supply business after she applied for a short course award under Australia Awards PNG. Glenda’s business was quashed, but her dreams were not. While studying a Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Glenda met an unlikely business partner, Colleen Kivia Kumbure, and together they formed Giico Stevedoring (Giico).
Through the short course, Glenda learnt about business partnerships as an instrument for financial investment. From this new knowledge, the business Giico and its subsidiaries was formed, financed by Colleen and managed by Glenda. These subsidiaries include a stationery supply business, printing, secretarial services, and an agent for MiBank in Wewak town. Glenda credits her short course training for restoring her business dreams and paving the path for new venture creation.
Customers getting served at Giico’s printing and secretarial services
“We got the idea when we did the short course. That was an opportunity for us. The partnership business has gone on for a year (since 5 May 2021) and we have just put in a printing and secretarial department in one shop while MiBank is at another building running activities. We are also looking to take on board a travel agent and enquired with Air Niugini,” she reports.
At present, Giico employs eight staff members, providing income to at least eight households, contributes to economic growth and development in the community, Wewak town and PNG.
On a greater level, all MSMEs like Giico are impacting the global economy and are drivers of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Giico addresses three key goals including (1) providing decent work and economic growth, (2) industry, innovation and infrastructure and (3) sustainable cities and communities.
Glenda and Colleen plan to secure a major stevedoring contract which will then allow them to increase their workforce and provide seafarer employment opportunities for the youths of Wewak town. While their businesses are currently based only in Wewak, they are also interested in pursuing opportunities and expanding into other local economies in the future.
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