Maths Textbooks Distributed to Boost Early Education in Papua New Guinea – Minister for Education, Hon. Lucas Dawa Dekena

In his first official act as Minister for Education, Hon. Lucas Dawa Dekena announced the distribution of 140,600 new mathematics textbooks for grades 1 and 2. This initiative targets schools and teacher colleges in Gulf, Western, West Sepik, Oro, Milne Bay, and West New Britain provinces.

Funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), these textbooks align with the Standards Based Curriculum (SBC) and the 1-6-6 school system. They complement existing grade 3 to 6 textbooks provided with Japanese government support.

“For the remaining provinces,” Minister Dekena reassured, “my Ministry is committed to ensuring access for every child.”

Minister Dekena also outlined plans to strengthen early childhood education (ECE). He emphasized the importance of instilling foundational life skills, values, and literacy and numeracy in young children.

“I have expressed my priority that our children must be God-fearing and brought up with respect, honesty, and love for others,” he declared.

The Ministry will consider incorporating the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum into ECE, with operational standards and teacher qualifications being established for a 2025 launch.

The Minister further announced a review of the 1-6-6 system. Preparatory level will be integrated into the primary sector, creating a structure of ECE (Kindergarten 1 & 2), Primary (1-6), and High School (6).

“This will ease planning and implementation,” explained Minister Dekena. Departmental planning officers will map and cluster schools under this new arrangement in the coming months.

These initiatives highlight the Papua New Guinea government’s commitment to improving educational opportunities and fostering well-rounded young citizens.

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