Liberty Assurance Providing Insurance Solutions in PNG

Port Moresby, June 12, 2023 – Liberty Assurance, an insurance company in Papua New Guinea (PNG), aims to become the insurer of choice by offering fair and transparent products and services to its customers. Promoted by established business leader Mr. Shah, with a multi-million Kina turnover, and backed by insurance professional Mr. Mukesh Kumar, who has over 38 years of experience in the Indian market, Liberty Assurance brings extensive expertise to the insurance industry in PNG.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rajesh Singh, with more than 30 years of experience in the Indian insurance market, leads the management team. With their collective knowledge, Liberty Assurance intends to provide products and services that adhere to international best practices and offer technology-driven seamless experiences to customers in PNG.

Liberty Assurance offers a range of insurance premiums to cater to different needs. Their offerings include motor insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and home insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage for individuals and families in PNG. Additionally, Liberty Assurance provides various services such as premium payment modes, claims assistance, and policy renewals for the convenience of their customers.

One of the primary highlights of Liberty Assurance is their motor insurance. This comprehensive policy covers own damage to motor vehicles caused by accidents, fire, explosion, theft, and other unforeseen events. It also includes coverage for third-party property damage. The company offers this policy for 4-wheeler private cars, commercial vehicles like trucks and tractors, as well as 2-wheelers. Optional add-ons like depreciation waiver, replacement car, roadside assistance, and warranty covers further enhance the policy’s benefits. Liberty Assurance also offers cashless facilities at select workshops and garages to ensure hassle-free claims experiences for their customers.

While Liberty Assurance strives to provide transparent and customer-centric insurance solutions, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of their services:


  1. Fair and Transparent Approach: Liberty Assurance aims to provide insurance products and services in a fair and transparent manner, ensuring customers have a clear understanding of their coverage and benefits.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: With a wide range of insurance options, including motor, travel, health, and home insurance, Liberty Assurance offers comprehensive coverage to protect individuals, families, and businesses in PNG.
  3. Experienced Management: The company’s promoters and CEO bring extensive experience in the insurance industry, both locally and internationally, ensuring knowledgeable leadership for Liberty Assurance.


  1. Limited Information: While Liberty Assurance aims to be transparent, some detailed information about their premiums, policy terms, and conditions may not be readily available, which could pose challenges for potential customers.
  2. Limited Online Presence: The company’s online presence and digital services may be limited, potentially impacting the convenience and accessibility of their services.
  3. Limited Feedback and Reviews: As a relatively new entrant in the PNG insurance market, Liberty Assurance may have limited customer feedback and reviews, making it challenging for potential customers to assess their reputation and service quality.

Liberty Assurance seeks to establish itself as a preferred insurance provider in PNG by offering fair and transparent insurance products and services. Backed by experienced leaders and a commitment to best practices, the company aims to cater to the diverse needs of individuals, families, and businesses in the country. However, customers should carefully consider the available information and assess their specific requirements before making insurance decisions.

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