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  • Papua New Guinean reggae musician Anslom Nakikus: ‘I think of reggae as a higher purpose’

     He is in Kerala to perform at the opening edition of the International Indie Music Festival to be held in Thiruvananthapuram from Wednesday Anslom Nakikus plays many a role, with some strands from each...

  • Latest PNG Music 2023 Nuks Haro

    Discover the captivating world of Nuks Haro, a featured PNG artist, with his latest album “PNG Music Nuks Haro.” Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies and enchanting rhythms that blend traditional PNG sounds with contemporary music elements. Experience the rich cultural tapestry of Papua New Guinea through Nuks Haro’s versatile compositions. Available now on various…

  • Overwatch 2 black screen crash

    Many users have reported that they solved the black screen issue by simply registering their Windows OS license.  If in case, you haven’t updated Overwatch 2 game for a while, then make sure to...

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At the forefront of our page lies a vibrant showcase of the newest music releases from Papua New Guinea. We curate a selection of tracks across various genres, from pulsating contemporary beats to soulful renditions of traditional melodies. Dive into the sounds of established icons and rising stars, discovering hidden gems and chart-topping anthems that capture the current pulse of PNG music.

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Delve deeper into the stories behind the music by exploring profiles of PNG’s talented artists. We bring you insights into their creative journeys, musical influences, and the inspiration behind their latest works. Get to know the faces and voices shaping the sound of PNG, understanding the cultural and personal narratives woven into their music.

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PNG’s music scene comes alive on stage! Our page keeps you updated on the hottest concerts, festivals, and cultural events happening across the country. From electrifying performances by renowned artists to captivating showcases of traditional music and dance, discover opportunities to experience the energy and passion of PNG music firsthand.

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Papua New Guinea boasts a rich tapestry of musical styles, reflecting the country’s diverse cultural heritage. Our page delves into this variety, introducing you to traditional instruments like the kundu drum and the garamut slit-gong, and exploring unique regional styles like singing and tultul. Uncover the vibrant musical traditions that form the bedrock of PNG’s contemporary sound.

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