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  • Papua New Guinea to Send 8,000 Workers to Australia and New Zealand by 2025

    To stimulate economic growth and decrease unemployment, Papua New Guinea (PNG) aims to send 8,000 workers to Australia and New Zealand by 2025. The strategy includes establishing a Labour Mobility Unit and Regional Recruitment Hubs to manage and finance worker mobilization. Despite challenges and the ongoing pandemic, significant progress has been made, with potential remittances…

  • Papua New Guinea and Australia Military Recruitment Opportunities

    Prime Minister James Marape of Papua New Guinea announced that Papua New Guineans might be recruited into the Australian Army, following his discussions with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The talks, aimed at strengthening military ties, occurred during historic engagements including a trek along the Kokoda Trail and meetings in Canberra. This recruitment initiative symbolizes…

  • Papua New Guinea 2024 Census Data Collector NSO PNG

    The National Statistical Office (NSO) of Papua New Guinea is recruiting Data Collectors aged 18-45 with at least a Grade 10 education for the 2024 National Population Census. The role involves using an Android tablet to gather demographic data, impacting resource distribution in various sectors. Applicants must have good fitness levels, communication, and technical skills,…

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