Kimbe Police Seize K2.3 Million in Marijuana, Eight Arrested

Kimbe police made a significant drug bust on Friday, seizing over K2.3 million worth of marijuana and arresting eight suspects.

The bust occurred during a routine patrol by the Kimbe Police Beat Patrol Unit when officers spotted a suspicious boat traveling between Garu Village and Kaliai. The boat sped off upon noticing the police, leading to a chase that ended with the apprehension of the eight passengers at Taveliai Village.

A search of the boat revealed a total of 17 packages of marijuana, valued at approximately K2.37 million on the street. The haul included 16 unopened packages and one opened package. Additionally, a homemade gun was confiscated from the suspects.

“We commend the members of the Kimbe Police Beat Patrol Unit for their vigilance and swift action,” said Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Peter Barkie. “This significant seizure disrupts drug trafficking in our province.”

The eight suspects are currently in police custody, and the confiscated drugs will be presented as evidence in court. Superintendent Barkie did not disclose any information regarding the suspects’ identities or potential charges.

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