Illegal Logging in Papua New Guinea Alarming

The video is an edited version of the online streaming conference on Climate Change and the effects of  Illegal Logging in Papua New Guinea. 

Illegal Logging in PNG Concerning

The COP26 was held in Glasgow where 62 PNG delegates participated. 

This video features Hon. Governor of Oro Province Garry Juffa talking about vile operations of the Melanesian logger in Papua New Guinea. 

His province is a hotspot for illegal logging. 

Listen to his fight against the organised syndicate that is damaging forests in Papua New Guinea.

It is widely known that most of the logging operations in PNG have elements of manipulation, cohesion and corruption. Not one of them is clean.

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Gary Juffa talks about illegal logging operations in Papua New Guinea.

00:00 – Malaysian Loggers – WHO ARE THEY?

02:00 – Start of Distruction on Forest in Papua New Guinea

07:23 – Inquiry into Illegal Logging in PNG – WHAT HAPPENED WILL SHOCK YOU!

10:05 – What Happened to Illegal Logging in Oro Province

17:00 – Illegal Loggers causing Waterway Pollutions

20:30 – The same loggers are destroying forests in the Solomon Islands

22:33 – What the International Community should do!

26:20 – Gordon Brown commentary on Illegal logging and destruction of the environment in Sarawak and Papua New Guinea.

29:00 – Appeal to International Community

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