Hungary Offers 50 Scholarships to PNG Students

Hungarian President Katalin Novak offered 50 scholarships for PNG students to study in Hungary during her state visit to the country this week. The scholarships are part of Hungary’s efforts to build bilateral relations with PNG.

In a speech at a state dinner hosted by the Governor-General, Novak said that Hungary comes to the table with a lot of respect for PNG, and that she is sure that Hungary will receive the same respect in return. She added that the two countries can base their bilateral relationship on mutual respect, which is something that is often lacking in international relations.

Novak also said that Hungary does not have many natural resources, but what it does have is education. She said that Hungary has a high level of education, and that she is offering 50 scholarships for PNG students to study in Hungary at no cost to them.

The Hungarian President said that she hopes that the scholarships will contribute to the development of PNG. She added that she wants to see PNG students come back to their country after studying in Hungary and use their knowledge and skills to help develop their nation.

The PNG government has welcomed the offer of scholarships from Hungary. The government said that the scholarships will provide an opportunity for PNG students to study in a high-quality education system and gain the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the development of their country.

The PNG government said that it will work with the Hungarian government to finalize the details of the scholarship program and to identify the students who will be awarded scholarships.

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