How to Delete Your LinkedIn Account Permanently?

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Account? You can close your LinkedIn account permanently by deleting your profile and removing access to all your personal information. You must log in using a web browser.

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Account?

To close your LinkedIn account, you must go to the Home Page.

  • 1) Click the  Me icon,
  • 2) Select Settings & Privacy,
  • 3) Click Change next to Close account,
  • 4) Check the reason for closing your account,
  • 5) Click Next, 
  • 6) Enter your account password and 
  • 7) Click Close account.

You can also close your account directly from the Close Account page. 

What you should know before deleting your LinkedIn account

Here are facts that you should not worry about when closing your LinkedIn account:

  • You won’t have access to your connections or any information you’ve added to your account.
  • Your profile will no longer be visible on LinkedIn.
  • Search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google may still display your information temporarily due to the way they collect and update their search data.
  • You’ll lose all recommendations and endorsements you’ve collected on your LinkedIn profile.

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