Hamas Slams Papua New Guinea Embassy in Jerusalem

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem has strongly denounced Papua New Guinea for opening an embassy in Occupied Jerusalem.

In a statement on Wednesday, spokesman Qasem described such a Papua New Guinean step as a flagrant violation against the Palestinian people’s rights, the international law, and UN resolutions that recognize Jerusalem as an occupied Palestinian city.

Qasem added that such an illegal measure by Papua New Guinea would not confer legitimacy on the Israeli occupation state, urging it to immediately retract this wrong and condemnable step.

He warned Papua New Guinea that the opening of its embassy in Jerusalem would make it an accomplice in the Israeli occupation’s war and aggression against the Palestinian people, land and holy sites.

Papua New Guinea opened its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem on Tuesday, becoming the fifth country with a full diplomatic mission in a city deemed by the international law under occupation.

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