Grade 11 Selection List 2023 – Education Department

The Grade 11 selection list PDF files are usually made available online by the National Department of Education every year. As usual, the list of Grade 11 selected students is arranged according to the regions and schools.

An example of Grade 11 selection (published) to secondary and national high schools is shown in the image. The final list for this year, 2023, will be made available soon.

Visit this website to get the latest on 2023 Grade 11 Selection Lists

2021 Grade 11 Selection is available by NDoE

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Latest update: For the 2023 Grade 11 selection list, check out the Education Department website. Check out PNG Insight on YouTube for more info

Who Does the Grade 11 Selections?

The Grade 11 selections for every secondary and national high school in the country is done by the school principal. In practice, the school principals would meet annually in Port Moresby and select the students based upon their school leavers choices and marks.

When the school principals have selected the students, they pass the list to the General Education Services (GES) Division of the National Department of Education. GES then publishes the list of Grade 10 Students selected to Grade 11.

As mentioned earlier, GES publishes the selection list for Grade 11 in PDF. However, the problem is that it can be difficult to find the student’s name on the PDF document. The prints are very small.

To help you to identify your name easily, read on…

2023 Grade 11 selection list

Parents, guardians and relevant stakeholders can download the files and check for their children’s names. One problem you may face is that it can be quite difficult to identify the names of the student.


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