Government Unshaken by Vote of No Confidence

Port Moresby, May 24, 2024 – Amidst the political turbulence in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Prime Minister Hon. James Marape remains steadfast and undeterred by the Opposition’s vote of no confidence (VONC) motion.

Prime Minister Marape stated, “We are not deterred by any conversations on a vote of no confidence despite all the hype. If a vote-of-no-confidence is put up, the Parliament process will deal with it.” He emphasized that the title or position of prime minister is not his birthright and welcomed any challenges from the Opposition or other opposing parties outside of Parliament.

Addressing the VONC motion proposed by the Opposition, Prime Minister Marape advised them not to repeat the same mistakes from the February sitting of Parliament when the last VONC motion was filed. He stressed the importance of filing a motion in accordance with the legal and technical requirements.

On the other hand, former Prime Minister, Honourable Peter O’Neill, defended the VONC as an essential feature of parliamentary democracies. He stated, “Every well-functioning democracy allows for Votes of No Confidence.” He further criticized the current government for spiralling debt, worsening cost of living conditions, increasing violence, and corruption.

In response to these criticisms, Prime Minister Marape announced that Constitutional Bills the Government will bring to this Parliament sitting include the Declaration of PNG as a Christian country (second and final readings), PNG’s Court Structure Amendments, and Proposed Amendments on vote of no confidence filing attempts and the grace period for Government following an unsuccessful vote-of-no-confidence.

This balanced commentary aims to provide a comprehensive view of the ongoing political scenario in PNG, highlighting the perspectives of both the current Prime Minister and the Opposition.

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