Former Nasfund CEO Ian Tarutia Appointed as Director of BSP Financial Group

BSP Financial Group, a leading financial institution in Papua New Guinea, has announced the appointment of Ian Tarutia as a Director of the bank. The announcement was made by the Group Board Chairman, Robert Bradshaw, in a press statement on April 21st, 2023.

Ian Tarutia, who previously served as the CEO of Nasfund, a superannuation fund in Papua New Guinea, has been appointed to fill the Casual Vacancy left by the retirement of Sir Costas Constantino as Chairman and a non-executive director in February 2023. The appointment of Tarutia as a non-independent director of BSP has been consented by the Bank of Papua New Guinea.

In welcoming Tarutia to the board, Chairman Bradshaw acknowledged his wealth of experience and stated that his addition to the board’s dynamics would be valuable. Bradshaw expressed his anticipation of Tarutia’s contributions to the board and BSP’s performance going forward.

Tarutia’s appointment comes at a crucial time for BSP as the bank continues to navigate the changing landscape of the financial industry in Papua New Guinea and the global economic challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. With his extensive experience in the financial sector, Tarutia’s appointment is expected to strengthen BSP’s strategic decision-making and governance processes.

Tarutia’s career in the financial industry spans over two decades, and he has held various leadership roles in prominent financial institutions in Papua New Guinea. As the former CEO of Nasfund, Tarutia played a key role in managing the superannuation fund’s investments and operations, driving growth and delivering results for its members.

In addition to his role at BSP, Tarutia also serves on the boards of other reputable organizations, contributing his expertise to the development of Papua New Guinea’s financial sector and the broader economy.

The appointment of Ian Tarutia as a Director of BSP Financial Group is expected to enhance the bank’s strategic direction and reinforce its commitment to delivering value to its customers and stakeholders. With his deep understanding of the local and international financial markets, Tarutia’s contributions to BSP’s board are anticipated to drive the bank’s growth and performance in the years to come.

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