FAA Investigates Boeing 737 Max 8 Dutch Roll Incident

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently investigating a potentially dangerous incident involving a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. The plane, operated by Southwest Airlines, experienced a movement known as a “Dutch roll” during a flight last month.

airplane on sky

A Boeing 737 Max 8 jet experienced a rare but potentially serious problem recently known as a Dutch roll before landing safely.

The Dutch roll, a term inspired by the movements of ice skaters, is a rare lateral asymmetric movement. In most cases, an aircraft’s yaw dampener should correct this lateral movement. However, in this instance, the Boeing 737 Max 8 suffered damage to parts of its structure after it went into a Dutch roll at 32,000 feet mid-flight.

Following the incident, the aircraft was taken out of service. Despite the mid-flight scare, the plane managed to land safely in Oakland, and no injuries were reported.

The FAA, in collaboration with the National Transportation Safety Board and Boeing, is working diligently to investigate the cause of the fault. As the investigation is ongoing, further updates are expected as more information becomes available.

This incident adds to the scrutiny faced by the Boeing 737 Max 8, which has been involved in two fatal crashes in recent years. The aviation industry and passengers alike will be keenly awaiting the results of the investigation.

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