Education Secretary wants Cheat-free Exams

More than 31,000 Grade 10 students are expected to sit the annual national examinations on Monday, says Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra.

Kombra urged them to do their best based on what they had learned.

“I encourage and expect every student to demonstrate his or her own God-given intelligence in the national examinations without malpractices of any kind,” he said.

Kombra said every child entering schools should be allowed an even playing field to become the person they deserved to be.

He urged citizens to work together to eliminate cheating during the national examinations as cheating and other malpractices “discredit efforts to improve the country’s education system, thus bringing the country’s examination and certification system into disrepute”.

He said Grade 10 exam results should be released to the Grade 11 selection conference on Dec 5.

Source: The National 07/10/2022

The Grade 12 exam results will be released to the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology on Dec 12.

The Grade Eight exam results will be taken care of by the provinces in the third week of December.

Dates of the 2022 examinations are Grade 10 from October 10 to 14, Grade 12 from October 17 to 21 and Grade 8 from October 24 to 27.

Source: The National 07/10/2022 ( In Brief )

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